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A Night On The MoonA Night On The Moon
Bloom On The MoonBloom On The Moon
Butcher BirdButcher Bird
Craters BitterrootCraters Bitterroot
Craters RiparianCraters Riparian
Douglas, Cinder, LimberDouglas, Cinder, Limber
Fox LoungeFox Lounge
Hot Real EstateHot Real Estate
It's Currant, YumIt's Currant, Yum
Lava AliveLava Alive
Let's Share this Douglas FirLet's Share this Douglas Fir
Let's Share this Limber PineLet's Share this Limber Pine"Let's Share This Limber Pine" depicts all of the species seen in the limber pine trees during my 21 day tenure.
Morning RoostMorning Roost
Rufous On The MoonRufous On The Moon
The Steppe SingsThe Steppe Sings
Craters of the Moon Artist-in-Residency

Craters of the Moon Artist-in-Residency

In 2015 I was selected to be the Artist-in-Residence at Crater's of the Moon in Central Idaho. I spent a total of 21 days painting the expanse of species in the park known to early immigrants as "The Devil's Vomit". I wanted to show the public that, in fact, there was much life in all the blackness. I painted 134 species, everything in their own habitat. It even surprised me with the number of species I identified.
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