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Even as a child, I always had a pencil or paintbrush in hand.  In the 2nd grade I started saving my artwork, knowing that someday it would become valuable. I took every art class possible up through high school and majored in Art at Boise State University, Idaho, having my work selected for the college art show.

Moving to the Wood River Valley in Central Idaho, in 1973, I found it conducive to producing more and more art with the beautiful scenery, many wildflowers and abundant wildlife.  My graphite drawings of wildlife attempt to show a bit of the whimsical and curious side of animals.  I have expanded my wildlife drawings to include “pet portraits” working from favorite photographs to pick up the personality of each animal as the owner sees it.  My art has now progressed to doing, more specifically, birds and wildlife in their natural habitat.

I also work in scratchboard adding vibrant color with pens.  Scratchboard is a stiff piece of paper coated with a very fine layer of china clay, then a layer of India ink on top.  I draw the design on with a white wax pencil then use special scraping tools and exacto knives to scratch back down to the white paper. The challenge is that you create light by removing the medium instead of creating shadow by putting down the medium, such as in pencil or chalk drawings. You must think the opposite of the norm.

  I have had several private showings, displayed in several banks and also at Stonington Gallery, The Jan Wilson Gallery and St. Luke’s Hospital Locals Gallery, all in Ketchum, Idaho.  I have been judged in the top 40 of the “Wyoming Conservation Stamp Contest“, once in 1988 and again in 2002, both pieces were done in scratchboard.  During the “Summer of Labs” in Ketchum I was commissioned to paint four labs, two for private individuals and two for auction. In 2015 I was Artist-in-Residence at Crater's of the Moon National Monument in Central Idaho having one piece selected for an art show in Washington DC to celebrate the National Parks's 100th Anniversary. In the spring of 2018 I will be AiR at City of Rocks National Monument in Southern Idaho. I have also been AiR on two Majestic Feathers Tours trips to Costa Rica teaching trip participants how to draw birds in the field. I am currently working on a book of my field notes, both writing and illustrating, the goal is to teach people how to look at birds to help in identifying them.
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